Lucilla Baiani

Lawyer -

Born in Rome, 1973; LUISS, Rome, Law 1998. Qualified lawyer, member of the Rome Bar, 2002.

Previous professional experiences include an internship at another law firm in Rome, mostly focused on the analysis and research of legal issues connected with the online publication and research of legal documents (data bases).

With the Firm since 1998.

Most significant professional experiences include:

    • cooperation in the analysis of tax and company law issues, related to M&A operations;
    • cooperation in the re-organization of several susidiaries of an Italian group, and in the related implementation;
    • assistance of companies in the course of extended direct and indirect tax audits, management of contacts with various Tax Offices, including self-remedy, and settlement activity before the Provincial Tax Court;
    • collaboration in multiple tax litigation activities for companies and individuals, with development of significant experience through the drawing of many judicial acts regarding each step and degree of tax proceedings whether on direct or indirect tax;
    • management of contacts with the Tax Authorities with reference to refund claims and pre-litigation activities;
    • analysis and problem-solving of VAT and income tax issues related to the sale of automotives;
    • assistance with the implementation of the "Knowledge management" system of the Firm, with a specific focus on information channels, as well as the classification of legal documentation.

Foreign language: English.