Corporate law and connected matters

  • Analysis and evaluation of stock option plans, and the tax aspects connected to such plans;
  • legal challenges to financial statements and shareholder actions against directors as well as statutory auditors;
  • issues regarding corporate actions and functions, and assistance in formulating and drafting articles of incorporation, bylaws, as well as other related corporate documents;
  • participation in interprofessional teams operating for the listing of corporations on the stock exchange;
  • opinions on the application of accounting principles (including IAS-IFRS), with respect to valuation of assets, and the procedural aspects of the preparation of financial statements. Issues and recommendations as to the most appropriate representation in the financial statements of complex contractual relationships;
  • opinions on the evaluation of contingent liabilities connected with tax audits or other pending controversies;
  • opinions on the multitude of issues connected with corporate policies, such as the nature and circulation of corporate shares, bonds, and other financial instruments; and, more broadly, on all phases of the corporate life cycle.