The Firm

Trivoli & Associati is an interprofessional firm, composed of public accountants and lawyers, active since 1973 in advisory and legal assistance in the area of business law, with an accent on tax matters, including tax controversy and litigation.
A characteristic of our activity is the pursuance of advanced solutions foreign to standardized and generic approaches. We normally work for medium and large size enterprises or groups, domestic or international. As a matter of current practice, we also ordinarily advise on non strategic matters and provide support to clients in training their human resources in the domain of our expertise. Major engagements are normally protracted over the time: thanks to a personalized relationship our clients have shown a preference for a continued rapport.

The continuous research of balanced and efficient solutions is the effect of coordinated efforts by a professional team organized as a function of the specific knowledge and experiences needed for each individual matter. Our team is characterized by appropriate technical caliber and operates seamlessly on interdisciplinary issues, i.e. legal aspects connected with the tax issues at hand. Other facets concern a scientific and critical approach, a need for deepening the knowledge of matters handled, independence and availability.

A consolidated know-how fed by past and current professional experiences is supported by the current use of an expert system in the forefront of the professional applications. This system serves in managing the knowledge on sources, documents and data connected with the performance of our service for clients. All this allows for an elevated quality of our performance and provides a guarantee of appropriate efficiency along with a reasonable flexibility in relation to the requests of our clients, historical or not, and an adequate control and limitation of the costs of our performance.

The ample knowledge not only in the area of taxation but also in the confining fields of corporate and business law, including the specific areas of financial statements and accounting principles, now forming an integral part of the law, allows us to continue holding an important role in the solution of important matters and issues for those who use our services. This aim is also supported through a coordinated cooperation with other professional firms in areas where we do not practice, the careful attention to the continued technical updating of the professionals of our team and for the training of its younger members.