The firm is receptive to the self presentation of brilliant new graduates, with a marked interest to business and tax law and a specific inclination for deepenig matters, with the aim of a permanent introduction in our group, according to the lines of our development programs.

Our recruitment policy provides for the addition of a number of professionals each year. Our past experience has taught us that the preparation needed to successfully undertake assignments entrusted to the Firm is best reached by offering positions to young individuals who are recently graduated in law and/or economics, and who:

  • Have already displayed an interest in business law, tax law in particular, having undertaken a comprehensive and in-depth study in a focused curriculum;
  • are best cut out for the analysis and examination of complex issues in a group-setting;
  • intend to dedicate themselves to their work at Trivoli & Associati, knowing that the highest quality of work is achieved only in a structured and efficient organization.

Naturally, we are also receptive to the prospective placement of more experienced professionals.

Italian speaking candidates will kindly revert to the italian version of this website for further information. At the same location short presentations of the activities of the Firm are also available.